Top 5 BesT KOOKU Web Series to Watch Online [March 2023]

If you people are fond of watching hot web series, then we have brought a list of top 5 best Kooku web series for you. While reading the article completely, you will come to know that which is the top 5 hot Kooku web series that you are eagerly waiting for.

The special thing about the list of sexy web series that we have provided to you is that they are hot and erotic web series, so let’s go ahead and know Kooku Best Web Series to Watch Online.

BesT KOOKU Web Series to Watch Online

Below we have provided you the list of top five Kooku hot, sexy and erotic web series, let’s know

Top 5 BesT KOOKU Web Series to Watch Online

Atithi in house

Atithi in house is one of the highly rated web series of the kooku app. This is the story of a family who lives in a house with an extra room. The residents of the residence keep PG in the room. At this mansion, many PGs come and go. No paid visitor will be allowed to stay for an extended period of time.


Socketwali is the narrative of a website. This website ships any goods within one day. The most crucial aspect of this website is that it does not give common items but rather offers them to people through partners.


This is the narrative of a young woman named Paakhi who finds work in Bombay. She relocates to an apartment in Mumbai. She understands after a few days that the flat is haunted. Paakhi refuses to leave the house since her sexual need is being satisfied.

Gulab Jamun

Rajsi Verma and Ayesha Pathan played lead roles in this web series. The narrative of a substance called a love potion. When this chemical is mixed with gulab jamun, it boosts sexual power.

Chicken Curry

This is a couple’s tale. Even though the woman is blind, there is a lot of love between husband and wife. One day, a girl walks into the husband’s office, and he begins to like her. He invites that girl to his house and keeps her together, taking advantage of his wife’s blindness.

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