A Proposal for Gauhati University Social Network

A Proposal for Gauhati University Social Network: A Platform to Connect Students, Research Scholars, Faculty Members, Staff and Alumni with a Single Thread. Following are the proposed facilities for the social network.

1. Online Registration: Students, research scholars, faculty members, staff and alumni can register online. There is a scope of collection of different kinds of data at the time of registration that can be modified by the concerned person as and when needed. The system also will have Email validation facilities.

2. About Us Page: Scope for inclusion of Static Pages like About Us and others.

3. Invite Option: The register members can invite other members to the network by way of Email.

4. My Page: Members will have a profile page in the website that can be customized.

5. Forum: Members will be able to discuss any issues in a threaded style among themselves.

6. Blog: Members will be able to post their concern in the form of an article with an option to receive comments from others.

7. Group: The site will have the scope for micro-communities for specific group of people, eg. Department of Library and Information Science. It will also have an option to single click registration for the already register members to the site with facilities for including pages, discussion forum, group emailing, commenting, etc.

8. Chat: Registered members will be able to communicate in real time through individual or group chat.

9. Contact Us: Scope for Contact Us form, Reporting Issue form and Login Problem notification form in the site.

10. RSS option: Option to bring news from a specific portion of the website and providing it in the form of Email to interested members.

11. Email: Members will be in a position to send Email through the system to one another.

12. Comment: Members will be in a position to post comment on each other profile page.

13. Birthday: Option to display the birthday of the registered members in the website itself.

14. Alert: When a member receives comments in his/her forum and blog then it will be notified by the system through Email.

15. Badges: Members will be able to customize badges that they can display in their own website.

16. Mobile Website: The site at a same moment will have computer as well as mobile version.

17. Export of Members Data: All the members’ details (online registration details) can be export in an Excel form as and when needed. It will contain all basic information regarding the member like Name, Email, Mobile and such others.

18. Option to Send Group Email: The system will have the option to send Group Email i.e. to send Email to the whole group of members in a single go or to send Email to a particular group of members e.g. the members of the Department of Library and Information Science or to a specific designation e.g. to the Professors.

19. Others: Search option for a particular member will be there along with log in IP monitoring facilities and site archiving facilities.

Live Demo: A live demo is made available at: https://gauhatiuniversity.in